Flowers are Documents — Arrangement I and II gathers and juxtaposes the positions of various artists whose ongoing interest in the subject of flower arrangement opens out into investigations of several parallel fields of research.



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IKEBANA WORKSHOP at Ómur Yoga & Gongsetur in Akureyri, Iceland


- What is ikebana? -
We are sometimes attracted by a tiny part of nature. Why? Since it’s a reflection of your heart. The charm of ikebana lies in the fact that the expression will be different depending on time, place, and person who arranges it in spite of using the same container and material.
Ikebana is arranged by putting your “heart” into it.
Ikebana is an art to appreciate to your “live” and “nature”.

- What you would learn from this workshop -
We are going out for plants hunting and use the wild materials you would collect on the field.
You would learn the philosophy of ikebana, how to chose materials and make ikebana composition using your own flower vase.
If you want to participate in the workshop, please send us a message by email omurakureyri@gmail.com by July 1st 2019.

■Date/Time :8 pm – 4 pm, Tuesday, 16th of July 2019.
■Fee : 14.000 ISK includes a 4.2cm kenzan
■Venue: Ómur Yoga & Gongsetur
■Maximum number of participants : 8
Philosophy of Ikebana
History of Ikebana
Show my examples & demonstration

(15min break)

Plants hunting
Make your own ikebana
Review with everyone

Clean up the venue!

■What you should prepare for?

- Your own flower vase or plate( has at least 4cm depth)
- Warm clothes & a bag to collect plants outdoor
- Plants scissors
- Bucket ( preferably )